Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some questions that people frequently ask.

QR codes are simply the evolution of barcodes. They are called "Quick Response Codes" due to their ability to be scanned quickly. They provide quick access to different information by scanning them with your mobile device. Read More
They are useful for all kinds of content they can provide. In recent years, this type of code has become more common among all kinds of people. It makes sense since with a single scan you can access so much information and even facilitate certain tasks like connecting to a Wi-Fi network. As well as interacting with customers and marketing your business, QR codes can be used to help you improve the service or product you offer.
Lots. The types of content that are associated with them are as numerous as the varieties. Here at QR Color, we offer you the option of creating them in a variety of formats: Wi-Fi, website, vCard, PDF, images, videos, apps, and menus. And we do it simply.
People or potential customers can read QR codes for a variety of reasons, but the number one consideration is having a mobile device. These days, there are many mobile phones with cameras that are capable of reading QR codes with a simple scan. Alternatively, you may have to download an application that reads QR codes. Do not worry, though! There are numerous apps that do this.
Dynamic QR codes can be edited even after printing, whereas static ones cannot. Consequently, we can update both the function and the content of a dynamic QR code at any time. In addition, dynamic QR codes allow you to collect statistics on the scans that are made so that you can get the most information. Read More
No, as each code is different on a technical level.
QR codes can be created using a variety of platforms and tools, but none are as good as QRColor. As well as creating custom QR codes, QRColor allows you to manage and edit your codes, as well as make analytical monitoring of them.
QR codes have also been designed to prevent errors. It is possible to damage up to 30% of the QR code's structure without affecting its ability to be read using this system. Greater damage may make reading the QR code impossible to read.
Anyone can create QR codes with our QR code generator.
Certainly. Just make sure the character limit is respected.
No. As a precaution against errors in QR code reading, this option is unavailable. The standard size prevents the logo from causing the scan to be compromised, so don't worry.
Definitely. You can view all the QR codes that you have created under the section "My QR Codes". You can edit your QR code by clicking on the pencil symbol (edit button).
Yes. If you are using a mobile device to check whether your QR code works, we recommend you always scan the QR code preview.
Your assets QR codes should work if you subscribe to our plans (trial or annual).
If they don't work, it's most likely the result of design issues. The cameras on Android phones and some reading apps have difficulty reading complex QR codes.

Consider the following design elements:

- Ensure there is a good contrast between the QR code's foreground and background.
- The QR code's size should be appropriate for the scanning distance. (generally, dynamic and static QR codes should have the dimensions 2x2 cm or 3x3 cm).
- If you include a logo, make sure it doesn't block any important information.
In addition to total scans, you will also be able to see the number of scans per operating system, the location, and the number of unique scans.
Your QR code can be downloaded in the "My QR Codes" section of the site. Download it in the format that best suits you (png, jpeg, svg).
Your QR code can be printed directly from our website or from your computer after you have downloaded it in your desired format. Before printing any QR code, make sure to test it so that nothing goes wrong.
No, there is no additional charge over and above the price of the plan + VAT. However, you may be charged a small fee by your credit card provider. Contact your bank or credit card provider directly for more information.
On QRColor, we accept payments by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.
The QR codes will not disappear, but you won't be able to access the collected data unless you update your plan. *br>The QR codes will disappear only if you delete the QRColor account.
Yes. You can set a default Google Analytics tracking code for all your dynamic QR codes or you can set a different GA tracking code for each one of them.
If you get this error when you scan your QR code it means that.

- Your free trial has expired. To reactivate the QR codes you will have to subscribe to one of our plans here.
- Your subscription has expired and could not be auto-renewed.
- You have paused or deleted the QR code. To reactivate you will have to go to your dashboard, click on the three dots button of the related QR code, and then click activate.
To cancel your subscription, please go to the dashboard menu Account -> Billing -> Subscription There you will see your current plan and a cancel button. Press the cancel button and confirm cancelation.