Static vs Dynamic QR Codes

What is the difference between a static and dynamic QR Code?

QR codes that are static are not editable, cannot be tracked or used for retargeting online after they have been created. A dynamic QR Code allows you to edit the content as many times as you like, allows tracking, and allows you to retarget users online on Facebook and Google. In addition, scanning static QR Codes takes longer than scanning dynamic QR Codes.

What is a static QR Code?

Static QR Codes are QR Codes that, once created, cannot be overwritten. These codes can store information that cannot be changed. For one-off campaigns or when the information doesn't have to be updated, static QR Codes are exceptionally useful. Static QR Codes come in different forms:

  • Website QR Code You can use QR Codes to lead your customers to an intended website by placing them on flyers, brochures, billboards, etc. This makes the process of finding your website much easier..
  • Email QR Code When a QR code is scanned, customers can send you an email automatically to the address you specify without having to type it in. The email recipient and email body can be specified.
  • SMS QR Code You can send SMS QR Codes to others with your phone number and pre-written message. A text message is sent to the customer with their phone number and a ready-to-send message when they scan the QR Code.
  • Text QR Code You can use a text QR Code to display a simple text, a coupon code, or a serial number.
  • vCard QR Code Fill out the necessary information and create a QR code to link to your vCard. By scanning the code, customers can access your information.
  • Wifi QR Code Using a WiFi QR Code, customers can enter their credentials more quickly. Scan the QR Code and the customer's WiFi credentials will be automatically saved.

When to use static QR Codes?

  • Personal use If you do not need to edit QR Code content or track campaign metrics, you can use┬ástatic QR Codes for personal use.
  • One-off marketing campaigns One-time events and marketing campaigns are ideal for distributing detailed information. Data stored in QR Codes cannot be changed. In order to change information, you must create another QR Code.

What is a dynamic QR Code?

If you need to edit the QR Code multiple times without having to reprint and re-deploy it, you can create a dynamic QR Code. Changing the entire URL or small details will prevent pesky 404 errors.

With QRcolor's QR Code solution, you can track information like how many codes were scanned, where they were scanned, and what operating system they were scanned on. With online retargeting on Google and Facebook, you can also convert leads who scanned the QR Code but did not take any action.

QRcolor's QR Code solution allows you to track information, such as how many QR Codes were scanned, where they were scanned, and which operating system was used. With this solution, you can also convert potential leads who have scanned the QR Code but have not yet taken action through online retargeting on Google and Facebook.

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