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How do I create a QR Code?



Select QR code type

Choose your QR code type from: Link, Bar Menu, Image, PDF, Wi-Fi, App Stores, Text and more.


Fill in the details

Enter all the information needed in the fields that appear. This could be a link, contact information, text or any other type of info. Once you're done, select “Create QR Code”.


Choose a template or edit

You may choose to have a standard black and white design, choose from a preset list or edit the design of the QR Code as you please to help you attract more scans.


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Create any type of QR code

Create now QR Codes with your website, email, phone number, location, or many other options.

Create your custom QR Code with Logo

Select a content type at the top for your QR code. The options include URL, text, email, and many more. After you make your selection, you will see all the available options. Fill in all fields that appear when scanning your QR code.

Always verify your QR Code

Have an extra look at all the information you add during the process. Remember that you cannot change all the elements once the QR Code is created and finalized.

Explore the customisation options

Enter the endless customization options! You can personalize your QR Code with your own logo, branded colors, multiple shapes. How cool is that?

Generate now your perfectly personalised QR Code! Place now your favorite colour and play with multiple available shapes for your QR code. You can also individually customise the corner elements and the body.

Brand your QR Code

It's very simple. You just add your logo to your QR code. Select it from the gallery or upload your own logo image. Don't have a logo yet? No problem, you can also start with one of the templates from the template gallery.

Explore all the options

Explore the infinite unique colour choices, or gradient combinations. Dont forget that you can also pick different colours for every corner!

You can download the files for your QR code as.png, .svg, .pdf vector graphic.

Professional variety of formats

All the download formats have a transparent background, making it easy to implement in any design.

SVG and .EPS for large resolution requirement

If you want a vector format with the complete design please choose .svg. SVG is working in software like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. The logo and design settings currently only work for .png and .svg files.

Track and analyze QR code scans

Understand your customers better by getting data about their devices and where and when the customers scanned the QR codes

The value you will gain from your personalised QR Code

QR Codes with Your Logo

Make your QR Code more unique by adding a custom brand to it.

Static QR Codes

All static QR codes will work forever, but without the ability to track scans or edit landing information later or to edit designs.

Custom Design and Colors

You can easily customize the shapes and colors of all the three corner elements of the QR code, even one by one.

QR Code Vector Formats

Use the offered vector formats to print QR Codes in huge resolutions without losing quality.

Free for commercial usage

All generated QR Codes can be used for any purpose. This includes all commercial purposes.

When in doubt, go for dynamic QR Codes

You must choose Dynamic QR Codes if you wish to analyze from where your scans come and to edit landing information later, without affecting your QR Code

Generate QR Codes to create memorable marketing campaigns

Create your personalized and branded QR Code to significantly improve your marketing campaigns.
Frequently Asked Questions
QR codes are simply the evolution of barcodes. They are called "Quick Response Codes" due to their ability to be scanned quickly. They provide quick access to different information by scanning them with your mobile device. Read More
They are useful for all kinds of content they can provide. In recent years, this type of code has become more common among all kinds of people. It makes sense since with a single scan you can access so much information and even facilitate certain tasks like connecting to a Wi-Fi network. As well as interacting with customers and marketing your business, QR codes can be used to help you improve the service or product you offer.
Lots. The types of content that are associated with them are as numerous as the varieties. Here at QR Color, we offer you the option of creating them in a variety of formats: Wi-Fi, website, vCard, PDF, images, videos, apps, and menus. And we do it simply.
People or potential customers can read QR codes for a variety of reasons, but the number one consideration is having a mobile device. These days, there are many mobile phones with cameras that are capable of reading QR codes with a simple scan. Alternatively, you may have to download an application that reads QR codes. Do not worry, though! There are numerous apps that do this.
QR codes can be created using a variety of platforms and tools, but none are as good as QRColor. As well as creating custom QR codes, QRColor allows you to manage and edit your codes, as well as make analytical monitoring of them.
QR codes have also been designed to prevent errors. It is possible to damage up to 30% of the QR code's structure without affecting its ability to be read using this system. Greater damage may make reading the QR code impossible to read.
Anyone can create QR codes with our QR code generator.
Certainly. Just make sure the character limit is respected.
No. As a precaution against errors in QR code reading, this option is unavailable. The standard size prevents the logo from causing the scan to be compromised, so don't worry.
Static and Dynamic QR Code generator.
Create your QR code with one click.